La Pucelle d'Orléans
Open //Modern Day AU//

Jeanne had just finished a quick fencing session she had had with a friend of hers and was now heading out of the gym area that they used often to practice for the small tournaments they were in. She had her gym bag with her uniform in it on her shoulder, her rapier was slug across her back in it’s own bag that protected it from the chilled weather of the final day of the year. She was wearing her normal clothing, except this time with a thin winter jacket that she wished was thicker since it was cold outside. She hurriedly walked down to the sidewalk of the snowy street, noticing that not many people were out and about in this area, but then again who would be? It was New Years Eve and a lot of people were with their families right now or getting ready, so Jeanne just decided that she would spend the final day of the year on her own, reading something interesting or practicing with her fencing some more if she felt up to it.